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The Word

The Bible


The Bible is the holy book for the adherents of the Christian religion. Christianity began as the offshoot of Judaism. The Judaism book of Law (Torah), in combination with other writings, especially those known as the book of the Prophets, formed the Old Testament of the Bible. The books that contained the history of the life and ministry of our Lord, Jesus Christ and early Christianity are called the New Testament. The King James Bible is made up of 66 Books consisting of 39 Books of the Old Testament and 27 Books of the New Testament. The combination of the Old and the New Testament is called the Holy Bible. The entire Bible is a history book, a record book, and a book for instruction in righteousness or Christian living. The writing of the Bible followed the inspiration of God; hence it is termed the Word of God (2 Peter 1:21). Some Bible passages also support the direct command of God to the Prophets to write down His messages or instructions. Examples of these can be found in Exodus 17:14, Exodus 34:27, Jeremiah 30:2, Habakkuk 2:2, and Revelations 1:19.
Other authors of the books of the Bible wrote as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. Like any other book that was written by inspiration, Bible authors were inspired by the Holy Spirit that dwells in them. The Christian is expected to study the Bible, meditate on the words of the Bible, learn from studying the Bible and from the teachings and life of Bible teachers and Elders. Also, Christians are expected to pray regularly and follow the directives in the Bible. They are to allow these practices to form the foundation of their lives termed the work and the walk of a Christian. Thus, the Christian see or perceive the world differently from his non-Christian neighbor even though they live in the same worldly environment because of their Biblical Worldview. The Christians live like any other individual but have at the back of their mind that they are different individuals with the liberty to do all things, but that has limitations as written in the Bible. Thus, the Christian will not just do anything, go everywhere, and be anything. Whenever the Christian performs an action or exhibits a behavior, it is expected to be without sin and with moderation.