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The Book: Politics, Prophesy, and the Pillage of the Church


The book takes a critical look at the Church and partisan politics, reiterating the primary roles of the Church, which is about saving Souls and preparing believers for the second coming of the Lord, and its expected roles in national politics which are that of preparing and presenting trained and tested men and women for godly service. The author went further to analyze the activities of prophets and the use of the doctrine of prophecy to the detriment of the Church, especially the role of prophets in predicting election winners.
He advised Church leaders on the need to repair the damage done to the unity of the Church and protect the integrity of the Church. Church leaders also need to work towards a peaceful co-existence among members of the Church. Finally, he called for an urgent attempt to salvage the Church from professional prophets and their Politician friends.
The book is divided into six parts, covering a brief introduction to Christian Religion, Christian Growth and the development of a Christian Worldview, the doctrine of prophecy, including short discourses on true prophets and true prophesy, false prophets and false prophesy, the Church and Politics, the Roles of the Church, the Assault on the Church, and the Plans of God for His people.
This book is a must-read for all lovers of the Church.



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