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Our Commission

The Commission


The commission of this Ministry is not different from the Great Commission. It is a part of the great commission and is relevant to today’s urgent situation beholding Christianity. The problem of wrong doctrines dominates our media houses, and the issue of wrong practices is witnessed in many congregations today. It becomes necessary for Church leaders to take proactive measures to correct these anomalies and to protect the unsuspecting Christians and the public at large from the antics of the Devil and His agents. Some of the leaders of the congregations where these practices occur are unaware of their mistakes, while many others are pure evil agents. It is the Will of the Savior that many will come to the true knowledge of the Lord and be genuinely saved. And for this purpose, was this Ministry called to fulfill the three mandates of Building the Church, Feeding the Sheep, and Saving the World.
Build My Church emphasizes building up Church leaders and the under-shepherds to develop the capacity needed to shepherd the flock of God. This involves education about the Right Doctrine that will transform their ministries.
Feed My Sheep with emphasis on the members of the congregation; this part involves feeding them with the proper knowledge of the Kingdom of God made up of Righteousness, Peace, and Joy in the Holy Ghost.
Save My World with an emphasis on the outside world, which involves sending out the well Trained and Prepared individuals to go and win souls and influence the world for Christ.
Like-minded individuals are invited to join in this crusade that is aimed at salvaging the image of the Church and saving Souls for Christ.